Residential Inspections

What's wrong with this picture? Well, that's why you may want to have an inspection. If it looks to good to be true..maybe it is. Let's take a closer look.

A visual observation, whether you are buying or selling, might look as if all is well; however, a professional, licensed and trained home inspector can help you uncover underlying problems that could result in unscheduled costs. We recommend that you not only have the house inspected but just as important, read the report and insure that items of repair have been done (if agreed to) and that all questions are answered before closing.

The question is often asked, “Do I need to be present?” It is not required, however, strongly recommended. Your presence will allow you to have a first-hand understanding of items disclosed in the report and helps you be more informed about the house you are thinking of buying.

There is deferred maintenance and preferred maintenance. The seller has deferred the maintenance to you and you would have preferred that he had done what is common maintenance around the house. The inspection process will help you understand what is “in need of repair” and what can be done as a normal scheduled activity.

Far to often a buyer thinks that the only cost is the inspection fee. You should expect defective items to be found and understand that this may result in additional evaluation, inspections and cost. You may need to get an extension on the contract to allow time for you to make a prudent decision.

Typically, a home inspection will cover, but is not limited to the following items.


Foundation, gutters and drainage system
Roof, attic, insulation and ducting
Interior and exterior walls, fireplace, doors and windows


Electrical systems, light switches, fixtures, outlets
Heating, ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC)
Plumbing supply, drains and water heater
Built-in appliances (dishwasher, disposal, oven, range, vent, microwave, etc.)

The fee for an inspection is based on the size of the house, age, location, number of a/c units, water heaters, slab or pier and beam foundation, extra living quarters, travel time, etc. It is always best for you to talk to the inspector and discuss fees in advance.

An independent pest control inspection, pool inspection, water well and/or septic inspection can be arranged at the time of your home inspection. These will be done by other companies approved by you; however, we would be happy to make the appointment for you. Their fee will be paid to them as arranged by you.

Fees for a residential home inspection generally depends on many factors and is tailored to your specific house, needs, location, etc. Call for a quote today - 281-448-7300.


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